My photos are meant to translate the emotions of life into memories forever.

My passion for photography started when I was 10 years old, when I did my first newborn shoot of my niece and her 2-year-old brother. This passion grew and blossomed even further when I became high school yearbook photographer and learned the photo journalistic style.

I was always the one at any event with a camera. I loved capturing a friend's birthday party or emotions at a baby shower or wedding, and then sharing my photos with others. Now, after having children of my own (Tyler and Tate), I find myself able to be even more expressive with a camera – and dive head over heels into every opportunity I get behind the lens.

I am a photographer because I love to get "those moments". I don't specialize as some do, and I attribute that to the fact that I love all aspects of life. It's the tears of joy and laughter at your wedding. It's that sweet soft skin of a newborn baby you've been dreaming about. It's how your family walks, talks and interacts with each other. It even might be that moment when a young person is about to make the leap from child to adult and leave high school. What ever it is, it's about you.

My husband and I met while I was a volunteer firefighter in Healdsburg. Though I hung up my turnouts before having children, I still get to document him and the local agencies in their heroism of responding to calls and training for what others run away from. Recently I was afforded the honor of being the official Fire Department Photographer. It is rewarding to follow the crews and create beautiful images of them hard at work. It's not something I get paid for, but love being able to do. Because I have been in their shoes, I want to show how amazing they are.

Lastly, I’ve always loved photographing architecture and landscapes. Probably never thought I'd enjoy human subjects as much, but because my "day job" is in construction management I am able to really still enjoy this. Also, I have been lucky enough to travel with Paul abroad and have seen some truly amazing architecture far away as well as close to home.

I hope that this little glimpse into my life helps you know what kind of photographer I am. You can trust that through my photography I will joyfully capture your special story.

Tenaya Fleckenstein